Week Four in Production: Playtesting

We are now halfway through development of Zombie Crawler. To be completely honest, this week hasn’t been one of our best, the beginning of the week in particular as things were looking especially grim with no actual gameplay to show. I’m not going to lie to you, we’ve struggled slightly with motivating our team and getting things done.

Don’t get me wrong though, we have a group of passionate and dedicated students, eager to learn and improve. We have resolute faith in our game concept and we’re convinced it will be a roaring success at launch! Surely, everyone is allowed “one of those days”? Towards the end of the week we had already picked ourselves up and managed to present an actual prototype of our game for the playstesting session this Friday.


We’ve received a lot of useful feedback from our playtesting subjects and were able to get a somewhat clear understanding of what our players are going to be expecting from Zombie Crawler. Naturally, the controls are still under development, meaning the players had to make do with a trackball and a keyboard (to some of our players disappointment).  None of our textures, animations or images have been implemented as of yet. You can however, claw at chairs, crawl through the corridor, dodge incoming bullets and munch on human flesh at the end.

We now have exactly one week until our Alpha is due, meaning this week will be a busy one! We’re intending to finish off all of our animations, add sound, implement the stamina meter and establish a Punch-Out-esque fighting sequence with our unfortunate human victim upon reaching the end of the level.

More updates to come within the next few days, aren’t you excited? 😉


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