Production: Week Five

This has been a good week for our team, we’ve gotten a lot of things done and we’re feeling rather pleased with what we’ve accomplished this week! Most of our animations are actually pretty much finished. Granted some of them may need some re-work but in general, Zombie Crawler’s assets are nearing completion. In other words, we’re on schedule with our project and remarkably, we seem to have eough time for touch up and can even spoil some of our weaker artwork with some TLC. First in line would be our game and group’s logotypes as well as the avatar; The zombie hands.

Over the past week our programmers have gotten familiar with the Gamemaker engine and things are really starting to come together. However, the advent of being able to properly test the mechanics and art assets of the game has meant that many gameplay elements need to be reiterated with many tweaks and fixes coming down the line; At the moment, our human victim is a proper badass warrior that takes one hell of a beating and is developing a pretty good set of zombie-killing skills. Then there’s the chair bugs… We don’t even want to go there.


This is what you’ll see in the Alpha version of Zombie Crawler, mind the chairs!

The stamina system in particular is one that causes us a lot of headaches; zombies may be slow, but aren’t they supposed to be tireless? Having to stop for a breather isn’t something that sounds particularly zombie-ish, now does it. Not only that, but is it fun?

New features added for the alpha include a tutorial room which is meant to teach the player how to Zombie by wrecking a door and munching rats. At the end we’ve included a fighting-sequence involving a scary floating torso with color-coded attacks and blocks.


Don’t be fooled by appearances…

To be honest with you, we were rather intimidated by the jury consisting of our mentors and educators, had they disapproved of our work so far we would have had our project shut down! Needles to say, we weren’t so big and tough when we entered their lair.

Luckily for us, we survived the nerv-wrecking Alpha-evaluation of Zombie Crawler! (I say survive but we did actually manage pretty well in the end) Our next big date with the judges are on May 13th when we’ll be presenting our Beta version.

We’re eagerly looking forward to it! …in a sort of masochistic, terrified way. 😉


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