That Final Week of our Project

And it’s officially okay to panic!! It’s been a busy week seven for team Molamola… so busy in fact, much to all of our dedicated followers great disappointment, our weekly blogpost was woefully neglected. We’ll do our best to make up for your loss, honored fans and followers, by presenting an even better zombie crawling experience by the end of this week. 😉 Along with all the other groups in our class, we had our game beta-tested and evaluated last week. It was a nail-biting experience as you’d expect… Once again, we were given the all clear to continue working on Zombie Crawler and thus, we’re going to be presenting it to you all on the Gotland Game Conference this weekend! 🙂

Speaking of the GGC, you’ve booked your tickets to come see us right? 😉


Our treadmill-controller is basically complete, we’re still making a few improvements to prepare it for whatever challenges it may face when encountering particularly hungry and enthusiastic zombie-players. Our Producer has been working day and night to present our game in a shiny new trailer, have a look for yourself, get totally hyped! (Because we are!)


The final week our programmers are hard at work getting all of the remaining animations and sounds implemented as well as fine-tuning the final fight with that juicy-looking human. A big inspiration for the fighting-sequence has been Nintendo’s game Punch Out. Hopefully we will be able to provide the players with an equally enjoyable experience. Our artists are spending their time with touchups and further improvements on feedback provided through gameplay. Just a little secret between you and me…. they’re still drawing on the ending-scene!

We’ve obviously got another busy week ahead of us, better get to work… We’ll keep you posted. Well… probably…..we’ll try okay!


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