About us

Hello and welcome to the official Zombie Crawler blog!

We are a group of six glorious first-year game designer students from Uppsala University. Zombie Crawler is our final game project of the year and we’re giving it our all! Our goal and great ambition is to be able to present a worthy contribution to the Gotland Game Conference in May this year (2016). Ultimately, if things play out as well as we’re imagining them to in our heads, we’re hoping to be able to compete in the Swedish Game Awards!

Our team goes by the name MolaMola, it consists of the following:

  • Anders Karlsson – Producer
  • Ida Andersson-Junkka – Lead Designer
  • Louise Fändriks – Lead Art
  • Linda Thern – Lead Tech
  • Erik Nord – Lead Programmer
  • Adrian Lavrell – Lead Sound

You’re invited to follow our progress every week, we promise we wont keep the juicy details hidden. 😉


What is this game we are making?

Over the past few years, zombies have served as gratified victims of target practice, embodiments of true horror and mindless stalking antagonists. In our game, we’d like to tell a different story. It is time we look at things out of another perspective; Nobody ever asks: “How does the Zombie feel?”

Zombie Crawler is a first person zombie-crawling arcade game. As a starving zombie, your only chance of survival is grabbing a bite of that terrified human in the other end of the corridor. Crawl as fast as you can to get to your wounded prey before it gets a chance to reload its weapon to shoot your brains out.

What makes Zombie Crawler special and unique is the new approach to an old and overused antagonist. Few other games offer the player the chance to take on the ungrateful role of a zombie. The custom made controls for Zombie Crawler are designed purely around presenting a stupefying zombie experience that invites the player into the mindless zombie world and the many hardships they face. The world can be a very dangerous place for a zombie where the main source of food turns out to be the most deadly creature it can encounter. A desperate and crippling hunger is what drives the zombie player forwards towards the not so helpless prey.





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